Everyone who finishes will get a medal at the Finish line.

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U 18 Jack Shute40:57
Seniors Jeremy Hunt 31:42
Vet 40 Matthew Woodman33:36
Vet 50 Nigel Rackham32:58
Vet 60Douglas Buckeridge40:53
U 18 Mayuri Muralitharan48:35
Seniors Zoe Stephers39:39
Vet 35Helen Mussen36:13
Vet 45Sasha Birkin37:34
Vet 55Carol Jones45:31
Junior Fun Runs
U15sJack Davis14:38
U12sLeon Doran9:57
U10sThomas Jessop5:21
U7sZachariah Rahman4:13
U15sDaisy Mainwaring17:31
U12sKyra Adams11:12
U10sAnna Stoneham5:38
U7sJessica Davies4:35
Team Trophies
FunNorthwood College
LadiesClubRicky Running Sisters
Junior Fun Runs
U15sBoysMerchant Taylors' School
GirlsSt Helen's Senior School
U12sBoysSt John's School Northwood
GirlsRoyal Masonic School
U10sBoysChrist Church School
GirlsChrist Church School
U7sBoysChrist Church School
GirlsSt Helen's Little Saints
2012 ShieldCharlotte House Preparatory School

10k distance: a message from Race Director, Active Training World

As a few people have pointed out the course did come up short on distance and we would like to apologise for this. We took over the course marking for this event for the Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre and we take full responsibility for the error.

We still need to investigate the matter but we used a GPS app to measure the course and it has incorrectly shown the distance to be 10k. We did have to pause the app at one stage of the measurement and this is the only thing we can think of at this stage. If anyone has any data for us in terms of where the km markers got out of sync we would be very interested to hear it. Obviously this will be resolved for the event next year. Hopefully this didn’t dampen your spirits too much and that you still enjoyed the event.

As a result of this issue, no 10k course records have been declared this year.

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